Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Kinds of Assessment and Evaluation

  1. Diagnostic assessment and evaluation – given at the beginning of the school year to determine students’ knowledge and skills, their learning needs and their motivational and interest levels. Through evaluation of the results, teachers will be able to determine where to begin and what concepts or skills to emphasize, select learning objectives.

  1. Formative assessment and evaluation – focuses on the processes and products of learning. Formative assessment is continuous and is meant to inform the students, guardians and the teacher of the students’ progress toward the curriculum objectives. This also provides information upon which instructional decisions and adaptations can be made and provides students with directions for future learning.

  1. Summative assessment and evaluation – given at the end of a unit of instruction and at term of the year end when students are ready to demonstrate achievement of curriculum objectives. The main purpose are to determine knowledge, skills, abilities, and “attitudes that have developed over a given  period of time; to summarize students’ progress and to report this progress to students, guardians and teachers.