Thursday, 2 December 2010

Eng 22: Introduction to Stylistics Syllabus

I.                     General Perspective
C.      Related Discipline

II.                   History of Stylistics

III.                  Register in Stylistics
A.      Register
1.       Dialect
2.       Diatype
B.      Formality Scale
1.       Frozen
2.       Formal
3.       Consultative
4.       Casual
5.       Intimate

IV.                Semiotic Structure
A.      Field
B.      Tenor
C.      Mode

VIII.             Levels of Language
B.      Syntax and Morphology (Grammar)
C.      Phonology and Graphology (Speech and Writing)

IX.                 Intertextuality

X.                   Literary Stylistics
A.      Tense
B.      Orwell’s Method
C.      Poetic
D.      Emotive

XI.                 Liturgical Language

XII.                Gender in Language

XIII.              Stylistics Application
A.      Cognitive poetics
B.      Dialectics
C.      Depiction
D.      Rhetorics