Thursday, 2 December 2010

Eng 14: Language & Literature Assessment Syllabus

I.                     Principles and Purpose of Language Assessment

A.      Key Concepts

II.                   Types of Language Assessments
C.      Kinds of Language Tests

III.                  Approaches and Techniques of Language Testing
B.      Test Technique

IV.                Test Construction
A.      Phases of Evaluation
B.      Stages of Test Construction

V.                  Quantitative Analysis
A.      Criteria of a Good Test
B.      Importance of Quantitative Analysis
C.      Common Statistical Formulas

VI.                Qualitative Analysis
A.      Purpose
B.      Categories of Approaches
C.      Techniques for Monitoring Student Progress
D.      Types of Qualitative Analysis
E.      Feedback Methods
F.      Referencing

VII.               Testing the Receptive Skills
A.      Testing Listening
B.      Testing Reading

VIII.             Testing the Productive Skills
A.      Testing Speaking
B.      Testing Writing

IX.                 Testing Literature
A.      Rationale of Literature Testing
B.      Types of Literature Tests
C.      Formats of Literature Tests 
D.Examples of Literature Tests