Sunday, 20 June 2010

Eng 23: Translation and Editing of Text

I.                     Overview of Translation
D.      General Purposes

II.                   Types of Translation
C.      Literal Translation
D.      Legal Tranlation

III.                  Context Retention
B.      Back Translation
C.      Fidelity and Transparency
D.      Equivalence
E.      Understanding Jargons

IV.                Transliteration

V.                  Translators
A.      Roles of Translators
B.      Attributes

VI.                Techniques in Translation
A.      Computer-Assisted
B.      Machine Translation
C.      Subtitling
D.      Editing/Post Editing

VIII.             A Review: Press Freedom and Limitations
A.      Constitutional Guarantees
B.      Delimitations
C.      Anti-Obscenity Laws
D.      Libel
E.      Copyright Law
F.      Right of privacy
G.     National Security

IX.                 Editing in Translation
A.      Contextual Abstraction
B.      Light Editing vs. Full Editing
C.      Style Sheet Writing

VII.               Literary Translation
A.      History
B.      Purpose
C.      Technique

X.                   Basic Copyediting and Proofreading
A.      The Manuscript
B.      Copyediting the Manuscript
A.      Proofs and Proofreading